100th birthday of 
Sebastian de Grazia (1917-2000)

Sebastian de Grazia (Chicago, August 11, 1917 - Princeton, December 31, 2000)

Sebastian, the older brother of Alfred (born in Chicago, August 11, 1917 - died in Princeton, December 31, 2000), political scientist, Professor at Rutgers University's Eagleton Institute, Pulitzer-Prize winning author of Machiavelli in Hell (1989). 

There is no better way to remember him than reading him!

In celebration, we are bringing some excerpts of his first book, The Political Community, published by University of Chicago Press in 1948, greeted by John Dewey and Margaret Mead. Its subtitle, A Study of Anomie, had been the author's title choice, but the Press judged that the reading public would not know the meaning of the word "anomie." Yet, it designates our greatest problem, then as now, and more than ever.

Thinking of you, Bussy...

A.-M. de G.

"The study of anomie is the study of the ideological factors that weaken or destroy the bonds of allegiance which make the political community."

Sebastian de Grazia, The Political Community, Introduction.

"This is a passionate and brilliant book, covering the world both in space and time..."

Margaret Mead

"I got genuine intellectual excitement from [the] book... the learning involved served a purpose - more than just a purpose - probably the greatest need of our own time."

John Dewey

His books:

The Political Community (1948)

Errors of Psychotherapy (1952)

Masters of Chinese Political Thought (1961)

Of Time, Work and Leisure (1962)

The Coup d'Etat: Past significance and modern technique (1962)

Machiavelli in Hell (1989)

A Country with No Name: Tales from the Constitution -1997)